Prinoth Connect Fleet Management Solution


The perfect tool to protect your investment

The history of Prinoth Crawler Carrier is built on continuous investments in product development to deliver higher vehicle productivity and availability for our partners, dealers, rental houses, and end-customers. Our crawler carriers are primarily used in remote locations or tricky conditions, requiring not only reliable equipment but also great service support.

Proof of this, Prinoth recently launched the Prinoth Connect Fleet Management system to provide better support for Panther vehicles through technology thus strengthening its commitment to customer success. This system is available for new and used vehicles and offers a real-time, 24/7 fleet visualization that connects the field assets with the professionals responsible for maintaining them running, and generating value for various market segments.

The Fleet Management solution by Prinoth collects all relevant and actionable information from each operating vehicle and makes it available through a simple and interactive digital platform. The platform includes key functionalities such as reminders for the next service, notifications for alerts and critical thresholds, and history of vehicle utilization. These functionalities can help different professionals involved in business operations, such as vehicle owners, fleet managers, and maintenance supervisors. A good example is using the information to understand when maintenance is required to proactively avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. This helps boost  vehicle availability and increases operation efficiency.

Also, our team is able to remotely connect to the vehicle, diagnose potential issues, resulting in faster diagnosis with less time and costs. Along with that, the Telematics technology chosen by Prinoth enables more accuracy and detailed information about the asset, recording vital parameters, and providing knowledge to improve maintenance planning during the unit’s lifetime.

Moreover, Prinoth has a dedicated specialist focused on helping our customers use this technology, working together to identify opportunities to make their lives easier through the technology.

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