Power Electric

Prinoth has proudly provided vehicles to the power electric utility industry for 30+ years.

Chassis Expertise

The Prinoth Panther chassis is renowned amongst the industry to be the most reliable and capable tracked option for utility equipment manufacturers.

Chassis Expertise
When operating in mountainous regions, teams must depend on tracked utility vehicles to access distant locations, repair the lines, and restore power.
Due to their substantial gross vehicle weight rating, Panther vehicles frequently have the capacity to transport larger equipment, providing contractors with extended reach and enhanced levels of productivity.
Prinoth, working in tandem with its Australian dealer GMJ Equipment, created a solution for an electric distribution company who were dealing with soft underfoot conditions while expanding their network to other regions of the country.
For numerous years, Prinoth has established collaborations with leading manufacturers of utility equipment, steadfastly contributing to the sector responsible for constructing and upkeeping power grids across various countries.

Other applications

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