Remote-Controlled Solutions for Crawler Carriers

Remote-Controlled Solutions for Crawler Carriers

Empower your Panther to achieve more: Multitasking and safer working conditions in hazardous conditions.

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Additional Safety Feature for Rough Terrain

Remote-Controlled Units

A high battery life capacity of up to 10 hours of runtime before charging enables the possibility of working for an entire day without requiring a recharge. With an impressive working range of 330 feet (100 meters) and safety device functionalities designed for Prinoth Panthers, this new tool guarantees superior protection of your valuable equipment.


Maintain uninterrupted operations as a single operator performs multiple tasks with enhanced visibility from various angles.

Full Day’s Work

Empowers your Panther to operate optimally in challenging underfoot conditions, reducing operator risk in hazardous areas.

Keep Running Safely

Enhances operator comfort and reduces fatigue, keeping them away from dangerous sites and minimizing their exposure to noise, dust, and vibrations.

More Comfort for Operators
Control your Panther remotely!

Control your Panther remotely!

Watch this video displaying the use of our remote-controlled system designed specifically for Prinoth Panther Crawler Carriers.


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